We help grocery brands get to shelf faster.

Windows of opportunity open and close quickly.

At Interact, we use our industry instincts to create the tools you need to get in stores quickly so you can start winning sales.


Agility to Market

Our philosophy is this — the lighter the jockey, the faster the horse.

Rapid ideation

Brand & Product Strategy

By using our industry instincts liberally and data, research and process discerningly, we’re able to quickly arrive at the right product, brand and messaging while eliminating inefficiencies, such as excessive development time and costs.

Package Design

Always Sales Driven

When it comes to gaining authorizations and competing for sales, your package design is your biggest asset. To optimize results, we study how packaging influences shoppers to buy. Most importantly, we design to win sales—not just agency awards.

Sales tools

Built for the Retailer

We use our understanding of how category buyers think to help you develop compelling pitches and sales tools. Carefully crafted, our sales tools speak to buyers and their motivations by showcasing the marketplace opportunities that position your product for growth.

Other Clients


Why Hire Us


With over 25 years experience, our specialized focus in grocery has allowed us to build a distinct and valuable perspective.


No one spends more time in stores, at food shows or reading about the industry than us. This is what allows us to think on our feet.


Because clients judge agencies on service as much as they do talent, we’ve built our agency on a reputation for setting the right expectations and delivering on them.


We don’t confuse size with value. We keep our agency small to ensure the success of our mission and quality of our service.