Getting to Know the Team 01: Kyla

Getting to Know the Team 01: Kyla

Anyone would be lucky to work with Kyla Deforest. At Interact, she holds a strong presence that radiates a strong work ethic and kindness. Kyla is a jack of all trades, wearing multiple hats in and out of the office. She has worked at Interact for two years as our client director, and carries a lot of responsibility in assisting with new business. The projects that Kyla has worked on range from  large CPG companies like White Castle to small start ups like Nooma, a healthy sports drink. At home, she is a wonderful mother to her 11-year- old son Dom. She also makes macaroons that could compete with a high-end bakery in Paris and is overall someone everyone can admire. We sat her down to ask a few questions about the role she plays here at Interact.




Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a Boulder county native, having grown up in Niwot and attended school in Boulder my whole life. I love it here
and don’t ever plan on leaving. I’ve been the Client Director for Interact for almost 2 years additionally playing a pivotal role in new business development. I love to snowboard, do hot yoga and have a beautiful 11-year- old son. Fun fact about me: I’m an avid scuba diver and have kissed a shark 60ft below the ocean surface 🙂


Why did you choose to work in packaging design? When did you know it was what you wanted to do?

I’ve always been very active in the food movement growing up in this area. I love to cook, bake and try new restaurants, so I naturally gravitated toward food and beverage and am huge
advocate for the natural and organic sector. I have a bit of an eclectic past. I originally worked for an accounting firm as a tax consultant and realized that accounting wasn’t for me. I ended up going back to school to get a degree in marketing, which is where I fell in love. I’ve covered quite the gamut since then, working in new product development, brand positioning, qualitative research and now client direction, all within food and bev and CPG.


What is it like being a woman in this career? What tips would you give to other women?

Being a woman in marketing is very empowering. It’s one of the few areas of business that is predominantly made up of women and therefore there are a lot of great opportunities. We represent the most sought after demographic, so having a woman’s perspective on marketing/branding/design can be quite beneficial. It’s also great to be a part of such a great group of highly intelligent women. My inner Beyoncé constantly comes out.


What is the ideal client? Why?

The ideal client is one who understands the creative process and truly sees our relationship as a collaborative partnership. We lean on them for their expertise in their category and they lean on us for our strategic-driven design expertise in food and bev. A client who is passionate about what they do is also super beneficial. When you do what you love, it’s reflective in everything you do!


What is the best part of your job?

I love the people I work with. Human behavior is my passion, so whether it’s collaborating with the team in the studio, communicating with a wide array of clients or diving deep into consumer behavior, I get to work with so many different people and get to pull and learn from their experiences.


What is the worst?

With the variety that I love so much, also can come a sense of being overwhelmed. As a startup, we all have to wear many hats and, sometimes, being pulled in so many different directions can make my head spin.


What is the biggest misconception about your job?

That I’m not CREATIVE!!!! Before coming to Interact I was in innovation (new product development) and positioning and was referred to as a “creative”. Not only do I have to get creative with how to best communicate with so many different types of people and how to best reach our client’s objectives, but I also fancy myself to be rather artistic with an eye for design, even though I don’t work in Illustrator.



Interested in getting to know the rest of the team?  We’ll be posting a new installment of this series monthly, so keep an eye out!